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RTA Bathroom Cabinets

Because they are the central fixture of a bathroom and need to be very useful, it’s crucial to invest in the bathroom vanity that will work best for you. To narrow it down, you need to know the size of the bathroom cabinet you need and the style you want for your bathroom. We offer a wide variety of bathroom cabinets in a moderate price range, highlighting firm wood construction, powerful hardware, long-lasting finishes, multiple cabinetry lines, and original design features. In addition, our cabinets are constructed out of premium hardwoods and plywoods. Check out our extensive list of bathroom vanity options:

When looking for your ideal bathroom cabinet, there are a couple of practical things to look for:


How much space do you have for your kitchen cabinets? Knowing the dimensions of your bathroom is the first thing you need to know. Before deciding on your favorite finish, you need to know the measurements you need for your bathroom vanity. After all, you can’t have it be too deep and not have enough space to walk up to the sink.

Drawer/Cabinet Combination

What’s the setup you want? Are you looking for a lot of drawers or large cabinet doors? Think about how you and anyone else using the bathroom like to arrange their things in that bathroom. When you use drawers, do you prefer them to be on your right or left side?

We offer a wide selection of size and drawer/cabinet options:

Vanity Drawer Base

  • 12″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-3DRA
  • 15″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-3DRA
  • 18″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-3DRA
  • 18″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-3DRA

Vanity Base

  • 30″Wx21″Dx34-1/2″H 1 door, 3 drawers on Right
  • 36″Wx21″Dx34-1/2″H 2 door, 3 drawers on Left
  • 36″Wx21″Dx34-1/2″H 2 door, 3 drawers on Right

Vanity Double Drawer Base Cabinet

  • 3• 42″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H

Vanity Sink Drawer Base Cabinet

  • 48″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H
  • 60″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H

Vanity Sink Base Cabinet

  • 24″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-2D-1 False Drawer
  • 27″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-2D-1 False Drawer
  • 30″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-2D-1 False Drawer
  • 36″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-2D-1 False Drawer

Vanity Sink Drawer Base Cabinet

  • 36″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-2D-2DRA-1 False Drawer
  • 42″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-2D-2DRA-1 False Drawer
  • 48″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H-2D-2DRA-1 False Drawer
  • 60″W X 21″D X 34-1/2″H

While the size and drawer/ cabinet combination is essential, you also need to find the right style and finish.


What kind of style are you looking for in your bathroom? For example, are you looking for more ornate fixtures in your bathroom, or are you looking for something a little simpler? One of our most popular lines is our Shaker Cabinet line which is excellent for simpler, more modern styles. The simple design of Shaker Cabinets is perfect because it is versatile, looking great with a broad spectrum of styles, and is functional enough to be your cabinet for years to come.


A lot of things affect your choice of finish. You may want your bathroom to match the rest of your home, but it’s not necessary. Your bathroom can have its own color scheme and tone, which can both make your choices easier and harder. You aren’t as limited, but you have more options. You can have a neutral grey kitchen but use our Aria Blue Cabinets in your bathroom.

When choosing a finish, it’s essential to consider the tone you want to set in your bathroom and what other colors you intend to use. If you wish to bold, contrasting colors, bathroom cabinets like our Ebony Shaker can help you make that statement. On the other hand, our sterling cabinets will help you make a neutral tone that blends well with different colors. Darker-colored bathroom cabinets work best if you have a large bathroom, while lighter colors like our Shaker Whiter Cabinet work best for a smaller bathroom that gets some natural light.

Faq’s About RTA Bathroom Cabinets

What bathroom cabinets are in style?
Our most popular cabinet style is the shaker cabinets. Their simple design makes them adaptable to various styles and reduces their cost while remaining sturdy and durable so they can last for years to come.
Can I put kitchen cabinets in the bathroom?
No, adapting kitchen cabinets to bathrooms will require a lot of extra work to get them to fit correctly if they even can.
Do kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets need to match?
They don’t need to match in most homes, bathroom cabinets can usually have their own style, but there’s no reason they can’t match!