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RTA Kitchen Cabinets

White Cabinets is one of the premier suppliers of Ready to Assemble (RTA) Kitchen Cabinets. Even better, White Cabinets is your one-stop source of RTA Kitchen Cabinets online, so you can order everything you need for your projects conveniently.

Check Out Our Wide Selection of RTA Kitchen Cabinets Online

Although we specialize in the ever-popular white cabinets, we have a wide variety of RTA cabinets of many styles and colors to suit your preferences! Here are just a few of RTA Kitchen Cabinets to choose from:

10x10 Kitchen Cabinets

Our RTA Kitchen cabinets are budget-friendly and can be shipped directly to your home or job site. So whether you are a homeowner, dealer, builder, flipper, or designer, we can work with you to find the perfect cabinets for your home or project.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets are the best choice for furnishing, renovating, and flipping homes. RTA Kitchen Cabinets have the advantage of being fully customizable. If you do not want a particular feature, you can leave it off. However, if you desire a unique feature, you can add it with a click of a button by shopping RTA Kitchen Cabinets online here at White Cabinets.

When you install new cabinets in your home or remodeling, what are the essential factors you must-have when selecting your materials? Do you want to save time and money on your project without sacrificing quality? If yes, then RTA Kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for you!

We have many tones and style options to choose from. In addition, there are numerous enhancements to make your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space the ideal storage to meet your requirements. Not only cabinets, but we have accessories such as extra shelves, wine racks, and corbels, for a few examples!

RTA Kitchen cabinets must be assembled and installed, but the process is not complicated if you are handy with a simple hammer and screwdriver/drill. All our Ready to Assemble cabinets arrive complete with everything needed to get started on the job in the box, including hinges, screws, slides, and supports for the drawer glides. Many individuals go above and beyond and add a touch of wood glue for extra sufficiency and security. Our cabinet doors and connection points are pre-drilled to create a speedy and easy process for assembly. There are numerous informative videos and directions accessible on our site, just as on other mainstream web-based media outlets. You will receive everything you need to succeed with your project when you shop RTA Kitchen Cabinets online with White Cabinets.

There are several advantages to trusting your cabinet needs to White Cabinets: We use quality materials

We want you to feel as good about our cabinets the day you buy them as you do five years later. That's why we don't use particle boards; we only use hardwood and plywood in our cabinets, so they prove to be durable and last as long as you want or need.

Everything is equipped with soft-close technology

All our cabinet doors come with soft-close features to preserve your cabinets. Slamming doors can wear down cabinets so much faster if there isn't something in place to protect them. So, we incorporate soft-close hinges in our cabinets to prevent damage to the finish and wood frame.

Dovetail construction

To make sure our cabinets are up to your standards and our own, we construct all our drawers with dovetail joints. Dovetail joints are tight and secure wood-cut joints that don't require any additional parts to keep them together once they are glued together. We use these joints to ensure that your drawers are robust and offer you as much space as possible.


Just because something is a high-quality product doesn't mean it can't still be affordable. We offer products that are durable and made of quality material but are still affordable. Cabinets such as our Shaker Cabinets aren't made with extra material that only increases the cost. If you are on a budget or just want to save money to achieve your dream space—Ready to assemble cabinets are your best choice! Custom cabinets can get very expensive and are typically double or even triple the price of an RTA-style cabinet. By offering RTA Kitchen cabinets, we can further decrease our costs without reducing the quality of our product.


When you complete your RTA Kitchen Cabinet project, you will feel a unique sense of accomplishment! Every time you visit your kitchen multiple times a day, you can marvel at all the work you put into designing the perfect kitchen space. White Cabinets wants to be a part of this journey with you!

Ready to get to assembling?

White Cabinets is committed to the best customer service, so feel free to call with design help, assembly questions, or pricing information. We also offer design consulting, so feel free to reach out to us for help when you need direction! White Cabinets offer the best in pre-assembled and RTA Kitchen Cabinets. Buying RTA Kitchen Cabinets online has become more manageable now than ever.