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Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

While our primary focus is on RTA cabinets, we also have an assortment of assembled kitchen cabinets available. The cabinets are the same; we build them with the same material and care. The only difference is that we ship them to you fully assembled. Of course, there is an additional cost for assembled kitchen cabinets, but we understand that not everyone has the time and energy to finish putting cabinets together.

We offer a wide variety of assembled kitchen cabinets in a moderate price range, highlighting firm wood construction, substantial hardware, long-lasting finishes, multiple cabinetry lines, and original design features. In addition, our cabinets are constructed out of premium hardwoods and plywoods. Check out our selection of assembled kitchen cabinets:

10x10 Kitchen Cabinets

    Faq’s About Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

    Do assembled cabinets cost more?
    Yes, they have an additional assembly cost attached to them.
    Are your assembled cabinets different from your RTA cabinets?
    No, once you finish assembling your cabinets, the assembled and RTA are the same cabinets.